une héroïne veut en cacher une autre, sauf qu'elle cause English!!

April - July 05 801The Rule of Blowjobs for Women...
je vous fait un Best Of:

Cleanliness is Next to…
Many women hesitate to perform fellatio because of the smell or taste. (...) warm water and a washcloth are a great way to start a blowjob, and the rough cloth and some gentle rubbing and squeezing will go a long way toward getting him hard.

Pant Rant
Follow his breath, not your own. I admit, sucking cock turns me on. Sometimes it gets me more aroused than even he is at the moment! (...) So a good rule of thumb is to follow his breath. Match your rhythm, whether mouth or hand, with how fast he’s breathing, speeding up as he does, and you’ll pretty much be on target.

It’s OK
Put your thumb and forefinger in that “OK” position, then use it to circle the base of his cock. This is your base position, from which all hand strokes come. You can close all your fingers around him at some point and give him the full squeeze, but always remember to go back to “OK.”

Just what it sounds like. Take him into your mouth and hummmmmmm. The sensation is incredible. Just remember to use one basic tone. Don’t start humming Yankee Doodle Dandy, or it’s bound to break the mood.




y a quand même des filles bien, dans le American Countryside, et pas que Dolly Parton! Elle ne mentionne malheureusement pas qu'il ne faut surtout pas regarder les dents de la mer en même temps, et de respirer comme une femme qui met bas, sans la sueur.

(Julie-tte, pour la traduction, pas besoin, nous savons que tu lui donnerais des leçons à cette Serena, tu sais, comme la cousine de Samantha!)

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Aaah Samantha

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